July 27, 2015

Getting ready to move, again.

I am so excited to finally announce that we own a new home! After all of the searching in many cities, and praying to be guided to the right neighborhood - we actually finalized our paperwork on a home that is only two doors down from where we have been renting! I never thought that would happen, but it did. Life is like that, you know.

I'll be sharing my experience of decorating our new home over at MyMommyStyle.com, and HERE is the post I shared tonight. After much contemplation and consideration, I've just resigned myself to the fact that Pink Moss is Pink Moss and My Mommy Style is My Mommy Style. They are two different types of blogs. Here I can just brain dump, and over there I'll share tips about parenting, home decor, diy, and products I'd recommend etc. Both blogs have a different type of audience - and that is just fine.

We are still packing and organizing each drawer, so that when we move in we have nothing but the necessities. Today, Whitney hugged her horse for the last time and sent him to another little girl that will love him just as much as she did... maybe.

Hahaha... she wasn't really crying, but she sure put on a good show!

We had a great time at girls camp! I was the assistant camp director which was very comfortable for me. After all, I have been the camp director 6 times before this! I felt so happy to be there with three of my daughters! I never knew if that would really happen. It was so sweet to see them hike together and support each other through the activities. 

You just have to watch this darling video of Brighton and some of the other girls singing to the  in the cabin. When I heard them, I couldn't help but to take a short video. 

And my feet planted in one of their very favorite spots on the planet!

Today I've been thinking about how often people judge one another and posted this little rant on my Facebook account after seeing this picture:

'So often I've felt inclined to explain my choices or path that's led me to my exact chapter in life, at this time. Sometimes, I feel the need to justify my successes or my failures - for one reason or another. As I become older, I've learned to own my story and become less concerned with the opinion of others. If we really want to know something, we can ask - and with it would come an answer from the source. Many times, we are in the process of figuring out how we feel about something ourselves - so how could others have any idea? Why would any of us assume or gossip about someone else, anyway? Opinions are only one perspective, seen through each individual's lens - and seldom consist of much truth or context. Let's live and let live - appreciating our divine uniqueness and use our precious energy in creating our own story.'

And there you have it. two cents from my brain today. I hope you had a lovely Monday!

June 2, 2015

It's time to move! Well, almost...

Yesterday we went through our new house - at least the house we are in contract on.

It was so fun to watch the kids running from room to room and picking where everything will be placed. Everyone picked a room - there are actually enough for everyone. Some of them are in the tip top of the house, so the roof line has angles in the bedrooms. I think it would drive some people crazy having so many odd angles and steep pitches to the roof, but we love it. It feels creative and imaginative.

Jordan chose a room that has a window high above the ground "So the robbers can never get me". He's had some fears of someone breaking in and taking him, lately. When I tell him they won't - "and don't worry, our house is made of brick, wood, and cement..." he says "but did you know there is a think called a brick saw, and a wood saw, and a cement saw?!" I feel bad that he worries about it, and I can't help but wonder if it's because when we adopted him, he felt a feeling of loss and fear. Anyway, he was VERY excited and showed me where his bed and everything else would go.

Halle was adamant that she places a hanging chair in her room somewhere. She is growing up so fast and already speaks like a little adult. She can't help it - as she has so many older sisters. She and Ella have a "Jack and Jill" type of set up for their bedrooms. Ella's bed will be in a turret - and we are considering making a round bed to put inside, from foam pads. It wouldn't be as comfortable, but it sure would look cool!

Brighton has the "Rapunzel Room". There is a little balcony attached to the bedroom, and she's pretty excited to pretend to let down her hair. Although that bedroom will be just big enough to hold her bed and not much else, she is excited to have her own space. There is a walk in closet that can hold all of her clothes. Honestly, she is pretty messy right now, and that will probably be a great thing for her!

Whitney has the "Tree House Room" that also has it's own staircase, like Brighton's. It is up high in the roof line. It is also a smaller funky shaped bedroom, but it's so fun to feel like they have their own little apartment. She performed for me how she'd run up both flights of stairs bawling when a boy broke her heart. She also showed us what it would look like as she descended the stairs when she was ready for prom. (You can see both sets of stairs coming down to the front entryway.

Oh, and Kinley? She is attending college, and although she will be in and out of the house, she will not have a room to herself - which feels so weird! She is currently with Syd in California hanging out with Estavan before he goes on his mission on July 7th. She may choose to live with Syd for a semester and attend online school for a bit. All of that is up in the air right now.

The master bedroom is on the main floor, as well as the great room, laundry room, dining room, and living room. There is a bonus room above the garage for all of the kids to hang out. The basement is unfinished, and someday we'll get to that but we have enough space right now anyway. In the future we'd add a guest bedroom/area, a movie room, and possibly put some stairs from the master down through the basement for a sitting tv/computer area for Jon and I. We will see.. for now, we are just excited for the paperwork to all be through and be able to start moving in July 1st.

As I said before, Jon is working in Vegas a lot and this month will be crazy insanity as we pack, travel, work, and support kids in their summer  schedules. It is all good things. We are stressed, but it is good stress. Every minute is filled - and I know someday I'll look back and wish I could relive it. I'll leave you with a few pictures of the house that I snapped with my phone really quick...

The first picture is of the back yard fire pit, looking toward the house.

Jordan, Halle, Whitney and Ella sitting on the back stairs after running around in the back yard and sitting at the fire pit for awhile.

Below is Brighton's "Rapunzel Room" and of course, Jordan is trying to find a way to open the doors and see it - well, because that is the most dangerous thing in the house he could spend his time doing -right? That is a boy for ya!

It's fun to see the kids get acquainted with their new home. I'm sure we will be here for quite awhile. 

May 29, 2015

Turns out, I couldn't stay away.

It's 4:13 a.m. and I can't sleep.

I think my brain has reached critical mass... a tipping point, if you will. There are just too many words inside and I need to brain dump. I continue to work on My Mommy Style, although no matter how much I try and combine my style of writing there, with my style of writing on Pink Moss - it just isn't the same.

Pink Moss is a jornal - of sorts - for our family life, and My Mommy Style is more "how to" or "tips" or thoughts and ideas about raising all my girls, or (soon) home decor, or the "Summer Learning Series" we are doing with KBYU. I don't feel like my rambling fits there, it's too free and not planned. I miss it. It is where my love of blogger began.

Jon is out of town - again, as he has been for much of this month. Neither of us has ever traveled much over the course of our marriage, but that has changed this past year. I've traveled for speaking engagements about Strengthening Families, or the National Alliance of Children's Trust Funds Parent Partnership, or Help Me Grow..... and he has traveled for RBM, our building maintenance company, as we expand it to Las Vegas, Washington and Idaho. As you can see, it's been a crazy year - not to mention that we've been renting for the past year and a half, and everything feels up in the air and unsettled because of not feeling in our own space.

We have offered on a house - actually very close t ours, and we will find out today if they accept the offer. It is a beautiful house, much more beautiful than I ever thought possible. It is perfect - done just enough that it's amazing, but still quite unfinished and outdated so over time I can put my love into it. Paint, finishes and creativity. If everything goes though, I'll be sharing that part of my journey over on My Mommy Style, with tips and ideas for decorating. I LOVE decorating, but I haven't put much time or energy into that part of my life for several years now, as I knew I'd be moving our of our last house, and renting for awhile. There are some things I just couldn't bare to fix as I've lived in our rental - such as the hunting themed room that Kinley is staying in, the maroon carpeted floors (that we changed to wood), dishwasher, toilets and much of the lighting. I know - as waste of money - but our landlord was sure fine with it.

Our kids continue to grow. I've been working for about nine months now, and it has changed me and forced me to grow in different ways, again. It has been a good experience for me - and makes me appreciate the years my own mother worked as a school teacher when Camille, my youngest sister, started full day first grade. It is hard - really hard. I'm not even a single parent, and it is crazy hard. Jon is very busy, and much of the "at home" type of parenting falls on my shoulders, as it does in many homes where there is a entrepreneur husband.

It may not look perfect, in fact I'm quite sure that it doesn't. There are things missed, sloppy schedules, my older kids fill in and help when they need. I believe it helps them be part of our family team, so I don't mind asking them. If Mom and Dad help with the car etc. they can help with the errands, right? Right.

My littles, Jordan and Halle, are getting so big - you would die! If you are a long time Pink-Moss reader, you would die. Actually, I'm going to share a few pictures of the family and go back to bed. It is 4:30 now, and I plan to hike at 7:00 am. It felt good just to get some letters and sentences out of my head.....


I've missed you.

This is the family picture we took last August, at the Lovelands house in Maui. It is the the most recent family picture, although it's been 9 months since it was taken.

Below is Whitney! She dressed up and did the Napoleon dance at school during lunch one day, just for fun.

Here is a picture of Kinley at Dan's wedding. Aren't the girls just cute? I think so.

Here is a picture of Jordan and I - before I chopped my hair off several months ago.

and a picture of ht girls making faces when we were doing a photoshoot for My Mommy Style.

and of course, a picture of Syd and my grand baby, Emma. Isn't she priceless?! Yes, I thought so too!

Here is a picture of myself and some blogger friends at a Tribalry Mom event! It was a blast, and I can't wait to do it again in July! (see my hair is chopped :)

and below, yes, that is my worst outfit of the year - worn to Walmart one night late, buying stuff for a project for Brighton at school..... gulp.

and below is one of our princesses.... all ready for Junior Prom. This dress is fantastic, don't you agree?

Okay, one more of Brighton and myself at the Payson Temple open house. Isn't she all grown up? Ahhhh!!! It's happening so fast. 

okay, really now - goodnight. It's 4:54 am. I guess this is the only time I have to blog here! It feels good to be back. Look for other posts on My Mommy Style - where I try and share tips! This is just for well, trying not to go insane.